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    Android 4.4
A great survival simulator, where the player will do everything possible to survive until the next morning.

The action takes place in a forgotten jungle, where every predator wants to eat human flesh. You need to fight off attacks in every possible way, using homemade weapons. Food is also a very important part of this application. It is necessary to thoroughly study the basics of hunting and fishing. This will help to get rid of hunger and feel confident in their actions. It is worth noting that the map is overflowing with secret places where ancient secrets are kept. Having received answers in the process of passing on absolutely all the questions, you will one day be able to get off the island and go to his home. Until then, build your own unique hut in Marooned . It can be fenced with various protective elements that will help to preserve its pristine appearance, despite the constant attacks of wild animals.


  • Nice graphics;
  • Exciting side quests, the performance of which will bring you as a reward a lot of useful items;
  • The incredible story of the protagonist, who became a random victim of numerous circumstances;

Solve the riddle of the ancient spirit, provide the character with a comfortable life and make every effort to return home.
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