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The Lonely Hacker

The Lonely Hacker

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    Android 4.1
Feel like a real hacker, hacking different kind and level of the device.

The player will sit at the table of a virtual computer and start hacking other people's personal gadgets to get fun or even important information. State organizations will also have to resist, which will undoubtedly soon attract the attention of law enforcement officers and other secret agencies. In order to avoid terrible consequences and imprisonment, you should carefully and carefully perform the tasks received from the authors of the project. Successful completion of the mission will bring a great reward and a nice cash reward that can be used to buy a more modern and powerful PC to try your hand at more difficult stages. The Lonely Hacker there is no multiplayer mode at all, therefore it is necessary to work in deep loneliness.


  • High-quality graphics and detailed gameplay in General;
  • Original concept and idea of the application;
  • Numerous challenges with great bonuses.

Take advantage of the accumulated knowledge over the years and hone hacking skills to become the best cyber criminal in the history of mankind.
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