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Yandex Navigator

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    Android 4.0.3
If suddenly you are in another city and do not know where to go next, are looking for the desired route, in this case, the application software Yandex Navigator will always help you out, with which you can always find the right way.

This is an unsurpassed useful application program created by well-known developers, will help you find your way in Russia and in many foreign countries. The Navigator will be able to draw you on the screen the shortest way to the designated point, while avoiding massive traffic jams, repairs and all sorts of accidents.

Using this wonderful application owners of Android devices will be able to save time. This unique creation is able to calculate, through satellite detection, as with lightning speed you can get to the desired area. Intelligent AI will always be able to calculate the most accurate information about the roads: various repairs, traffic accidents, road closures and more.

There are several options through which it is possible to pass all sorts of obstacles and obstacles, quickly reaching the specified location. Of course, if the section of travel will not be free, the ideal application software will warn the motorist in advance.
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