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My Singing Monsters

My Singing Monsters

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    Android 4.0.3
My Singing Monsters - is a fun music simulator. Developers invite gamers to plunge into the atmosphere of music and fun. Funny monsters live on the island and strictly protect their possessions from encroachments from outside. Carefree spending time in the dance funny little creatures settles his property.

The player's task is to create comfortable conditions for their Pets who love to sing and dance. New monsters appear by hatching eggs, which require careful daily care. The more heroes you have in submission the more fun to play. My Singing Monsters and enjoy organizing your own concert.

Another singer hatches after a certain period of time. Hatched individuals need food and shelter. Invent their names, care and happy inhabitants of the mainland will give you an unforgettable singing and answer with boundless gratitude.

In total, the game has more than 30 characters with individual characteristics and abilities. Listening to the created composition is carried out in 3D format. The graphics are impressive brightness and realism leaving from an online game only positive emotions. In-game currency-green crystals, greatly simplifies the gameplay and makes it possible to speed up the incubation period.
Comments (4)
  1. Turner
    Turner 12 January 2020 22:02
    There is no mod. Read the actual file you download. Doesn't say (mod money) like the first link you click on. Spam
  2. Saphie
    Saphie 5 January 2020 17:38
    It's not a mod. theres nothing in with the money part of it.
  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous 1 January 2020 00:45
    There is no mod
  4. Guy
    Guy 1 December 2019 16:14
    I don't see a mod