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Mouse Simulator

Mouse Simulator

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    Android 4.1
Mouse Simulator - try yourself as a little rodent! The application will allow you to manage a full-fledged vole, which can not find a quiet place to exist. Immediately from the beginning of the game will be given a choice where to live, in the wilderness of the forest or in a cozy cottage next to people.

The daily duties of the mouse includes a lot of things, you first need to get food. To find food several ways, you can search for provisions in the thick of the trees or try to steal from the neighbors. The constant struggle for survival makes the gameplay very interesting.

As you progress through the story will be given additional quests and tasks for the performance, prepared a small amount of bonuses and experience. Upon reaching the 10th level, you can find a couple and start building a full-fledged home, and after the 20th to give birth to a baby. The first time, raising a child, you teach him to hunt and survive in harsh conditions, and then released into free swimming.

Do not forget about the eternal enemies of mice - cats, which are the main threat in the application. Not to catch the eye of hairy predators is the main concern of parents, because to leave the younger generation orphans is very bad. Standard gameplay can quickly get bored, but the Play Market provides additional skins for heroes that will help dilute the routine of the game.
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