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The Tribez: Build a Village

The Tribez: Build a Village

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    Android 5.0
Immerse yourself in the distant past together with this excellent game. Gamers will have to lead a peaceful life-loving primitive tribe, which appeared on a remote wild Peninsula. Be engaged in training of the people, give them necessary knowledge, make for the tribe safe life.

To begin with, build a small village, explore new territories, mountainous areas and seas, improve economic performance, conduct business conversations with the leaders and so on, you have virtually unlimited opportunities. Colorful high-quality graphic effects, more than six hundred different buildings, more than a hundred decorations, as well as a great opportunity to train giant lizards.

How lightning players who had The Tribez: Build a Village, will lead its undeveloped tribe to the top of the development will depend on them. The original structure will probably be a Turkey farm, then you can build an arena for heroes and a home for people who came to stay in your tribe.

To achieve a higher level, you need to lure new residents to their own village, but they will appear only if the territory will be free houses. In addition, guests will often visit the ancient bar, where you can relax to the maximum, forgetting about all the hassle.
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