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Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper

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    Android 4.1
Hitman Sniper - Return of the first-class Hitman assassin to mobile devices that support Android OS. This is the newest simulator of a professional sniper, where the visual style of the game is very impressionable. The game does not contain a storyline, which is not supposed to be here. Gamers will assume the role of a secret Agent 47 and to undertake dangerous missions that are linked with the destruction of assorted personalities in exchange for their bloody work decent cash reward, unlocking new weapon models, from weak to powerful, improving their skills during the game.

The initial task that gamers will have to perform-to eliminate an important person with a single shot right in the head. In fact, the initial mission is considered to be training, where you will be taught the correct accurate aiming, which buttons you need to press to shoot and how to act, being in deadly situations. Having dealt with the enemy, the task will be completed, and the player will be paid a significant reward and he will again be able to perform the next contract.

Further your goal will be a young girl, but in addition to the main task will be special extras, with which you can earn a set number of points and put a few opponents, shooting them in the head. Also do not forget about the main goal and the hour timer, where there will be a limited amount of time and if the players do not meet the appointed minutes, the contract will be broken and you have to start the mission from the beginning.

The game does not have many weapons, and since you are an experienced sniper, the main weapon of the gambler - a combat rifle with a telescopic sight, the accuracy and power of which is simply stunning.
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