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Mad GunZ

Mad GunZ

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    Android 4.1
Mad GunZ - online shooter - amazing online first person shooter in cube-pixel graphic design. The main character had in the morning a great desire to feed his own cat, and that sucked into the portal, and the owner, I do not think for a long time, decided to go right behind him to the cat did not happen to some trouble.

Well, now you need the main character to fight with a huge number of enemies in its path, destroy monsters, and do everything possible to save his shaggy friend. Destroy everything that will come across in your way, only to save your own pet, suck avatar and just enjoy the madness that will happen around you. Mad GunZ – this is a wonderful project, where exactly does not smell of reality.

Here, instead of normal bullets, bullets with the fur of kittens from the opponents you will fight a huge candy bars, and also to resist large and dangerous cocks. In the toy pixel graphics, and maps for battles you can do with their own hands. Thanks to the cool story, as well as a good graphic design, you will get from the game exclusively fun.


  • Complete tasks and earn money;
  • Play with your friends;
  • Destroy everything around and destroy enemies nearby!
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