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Hempire - Plant Growing Game

Hempire - Plant Growing Game

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    Android 4.4
Hempire - is a farm simulator where gamers, as talented botanists and managers, will grow miracle bushes in exactly the region where they can be dealt with at a legal level. But legalization was able to eliminate only one problem, competitors and envious rivals also want to bring to an end your perfectly created business plan.

The development and cultivation of new species, as well as a unique attitude to plants, the creation of unique treats from the product, as well as many other things can allow you to become a leader in all endeavors and get a lot of experience points. Hempire is a complete opportunity to start controlling the cultivation of cannabis, getting a good cash profit from it. This is a wonderful toy in which you will be able to grow many different types of cannabis in a secret laboratory, selecting for her only the best conditions on the market.

Grow cannabis and sell it in a variety of places, having a good cash profit. With the money, discover a lot of new types of cannabis and expand your own business. Be careful and conduct your business exclusively with trusted dealers, corrupt police officers, as well as with shady businessmen. Cultivation of this grass can also lead to criminal liability.


  • Many interesting characters;
  • A great and fun games;
  • High-quality graphic design of the game.
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