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My Tamagotchi Forever

My Tamagotchi Forever

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    Android 4.2
This development is a colorful game where the user will take care of a funny pet.

The user will be transported into a fairytale world, and it is in a town called Tamacun. All Tamagotchi live in this city. The player will need to choose one pet and take care of it in every possible way. You will need to feed and entertain him. You also need to care for and monitor his health. If correctly treat character in game My Tamagotchi Forever, then pet will grow and evolve, raising level of. You also need to buy different costumes for the hero, appetizing food, interior decorations and other improvements. The game is decorated beautifully and will certainly please users with a pleasant design. The game has a large number of mini-games and various bonuses that will not leave anyone indifferent. The character will be able to grow and become anyone, it all depends on how to care for him. You can take pictures of your wards and new friends and show pictures to friends.


  • mini- game;
  • many possible actions;
  • discovery of new items.

This game will help the user to have a great free time. The player will find a lot of interesting things, so just do not have to be bored.
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Path for obb: sdcard/Android/obb

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