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    Android 2.3
DEAD TARGET: Zombie - an exciting shooter with a sea of blood, where gamers will have to shoot legions of the walking dead from a variety of weapons. The game has only one mode - the passage, consisting of a specific number of levels. The stages are located in different areas of the city, covered by a deadly zombie virus.

Gamers will destroy the army of terrifying zombie creatures eager to profit from human flesh, finding himself in the police Department, hospital or dilapidated streets of a large city besieged by zombies. Game mechanics is quite simple-the hero goes from side to side, trying to eliminate the savage living dead, while it is necessary to watch the level of health and military supplies, after some time reloading firearms, not allowing the cursed undead to come closer.

The game contains several types of guns-pistols, automatic weapons and shotguns. They have to buy for the earned points that appear at the end of the passed stage. You need to buy and body armor, and there are special bonuses that are spent on improving the characteristics of weapons.

A good and more effective form of facilities are considered explosive ammunition, instantly killing crowds of insatiable monsters, and a worthwhile way to save ammo-shoot the bloodthirsty dead in the head. At the beginning of the mission allowed familiarization with special equipment choosing the right equipment and kinetic weapons.
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