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Archery Master 3D

Archery Master 3D

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    Android 2.1
Your attention is a sports mobile simulator that has realistic physics and high-quality graphics effects, in which players will have to learn archery. First, stop at the choice of bow, during the selection look at its characteristics, then pull the string and shoot straight at the target, earning special points.

The toy will take Internet users to a large field, in different areas, designed for archery. They will need to go through a lot of difficult tests to reach a professional level, only after that they will open a lot of opportunities and even have a great chance to compete on accuracy with first-class Olympic Champions.

Toy will make gamers happy a few dozen kinds of different things that were created specifically for the targets, in addition, will give a lot of different areas and a lot of interesting scenes. Try Archery Master 3D, and show your master class, getting right into the bullseye.

The game contains excellent graphics, realistic gameplay, colorful diverse locations, a couple of exciting game modes, over a hundred all sorts of obstacles, high-quality animation effects, as well as an incredible number of different accessories.
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