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Zombie Castaways

Zombie Castaways

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    Android 4.4
Zombie Castaways - is the most popular game of all farm simulators. Millions of people from all over the world can't be wrong all the time. This video game was on Facebook, in social networks VK , My World and other platforms.

Now it appeared on Android systems, leaving all the charming quality of gameplay and graphic effects.

In most cases, this video game is considered a simple farm, the task in which the development of their economy and earning money. But instead of mere mortals our workers are the living dead, ready with an incredible desire to do any job for his master.

Together with a Horde of walking dead gamers will try to grow exorcisms, engage in the construction of buildings and search for treasure, exploring the huge size of the map.

One of the most famous farm simulators. A multimillion army of gamers from all over the world can not make a mistake. This Android game appeared in all popular social networks and on various platforms. In the transition to the Android device preserved all the beauty of the gameplay, graphic effects. This is such a simple farm, where you need to engage in the development of the economy and increase wealth. But instead of the usual hillbilly obey you will be submissive hardworking zombie creatures, ready with great pleasure to perform any job given by his master. Along with a Horde of the living dead players will grow a variety of plants, to search for buried treasure, building buildings, and explore an incredibly huge map. Initially, you are given an incredible amount of zombie money, and even increased game performance and fixed a lot of minor bugs...
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