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Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4

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    Android 2.2
Another part of the breathtaking and chilling action about the hordes of bloodthirsty zombies that flooded the planet. Bloody horror was adapted for Android devices, which left all the nuances of the original version virtually without any changes. Here users will see the same storyline and the same insatiable monstrous creatures, eaters of human flesh.

Game events unfold in a remote village, where he went to a special police officer, a young guy named Leon. In this village, the hero led a string of unusual mystical events. Villagers began to disappear without a trace, they are first kidnapped, and then brutally killed.

Most of the population, people who have not yet become another victim, lose their minds, go crazy with fear, turning into frightening zombies. Therefore, during the passage of the levels of gamers who were able to Resident Evil 4, will have a little sweat to implement their plans.

It should be remembered, if you find yourself in the rotting hands of the living dead-the living will not get away, so destroy the evil spirits in all possible ways, shoot in the head, cut and chop the walking dead to pieces. Some bloodthirsty cannibals learned to throw axes, be extremely careful.
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