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Wolf Online

Wolf Online

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    Android 4.0
A very interesting simulator of the life of wolves, where users will have to join the ranks of one of several wolf packs. After the launch, users will choose one of three "clans": Mountain, Wild and Snow wolves. Choosing your favorite family begin to customize the appearance of the predator and immediately go hunting.

In a large mysterious and harsh virtual world is possible to do a variety of things. For example, you can sneak up and jump on any not quite dangerous animal: Hippo, giraffe, deer. If you manage to Wolf Online, and defeat your victim, you will be given experience points.

But it is dangerous to go hunting alone, for this reason it is better to attack animals in a whole flock, only in this case the victorious success will be absolutely ensured. The more kills, the faster your level will rise and increase strength. Extracted precious points can be spent on improving a variety of skills that enable you to survive in such difficult conditions.

And perhaps the most interesting in the game are bloody battles with other wolf packs. Players can at any moment attack a predator from another family and tear it apart with their sharp claws and teeth. The toy has an entertaining gameplay, but weak graphic effects.
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